My wonderful friends and collaborators 

Marion NajamyMarion Najamy: Anima Schola, Dini Band and everything in-between.
I am incredibly lucky to have Marion as my artist partner for so many years. She is a very gifted musician and artist. Her sense of design can be seen in her unique art.
Check out "Minutes Art".

Rob and Vinny

Rob Carlson:  Singer Songwriter, Benefit Street Band, author, funny man and all around nice guy. 
I'm having a great time these days working with Rob, singing and writing new tunes. 

(Rob on the left with Vinny Pasternak a multi-string man)

Stay tuned Rob and I are working on a new CD

Kathleen Deignan

Kathleen Deignan: Anima Schola, Schola Ministries 
One look at this woman's email footer would tell you that she's not one to sit on a sideline. She is a professor, author, on countless boards, environmentalist and CND.

Evelyn Avolia

Evelyn Avolia: Composer, Dr Eve is a great friend and one of my early mentors.
I love her work it's wonderfully complex and yet easy enough for people to sing-along.

Fairfield Theater Company - Dini BandVicky Ferrara: Singer Songwriter, Founder of the Dini Band 
Lawyer by day Punk Rocker by night! 
Vicky out front at FTC, Randy Stuckless and Lori Adams in the back.

Gadelica Traditional Irish

Lori Adams and Donnag Bigos: Gadelica (Trad Irish)
When we are two or more our band name is "Gadelica"
(sounds like Metallica - but meaning all things Gaelic).
We do some folk and original tunes as well.